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Living Through New Experiences

Engaging in something new is a challenge and you may be afraid no matter what it may be… for some it’s going skydiving and for others may be something that seems simple to most such as wearing a skirt instead of jeans. We all have different levels of comfort and we only know how far we can push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, but I am sure many of you know that it is actually good to push ourselves out of our comfort zone as much as possible because YOU GROW!

Starting something new is a challenge due to the reasons I mentioned above, but I thought I would also mention these:

– They may be foreign ideas to you

– hard to fit into schedule

– hard to adapt to

– meet new people

– hard to grasp new concepts

– It easier in theory then in practice

– sticking to it/following through

Even though it is a challenge to start something new whether it be a new job or class it is worth it! So please do not allow fear to hold you back from living through new experiences because you will not regret it! If you do hold yourself back as a consequence of fear you will hinder your personal development. Remember you cannot learn without living which means going out and scraping your knees sometimes, falling on your face other times, and in other cases it means finding the very thing that you were meant to do for the rest of your life!!!!

I hope this has been helpful and please leave comments about what you thought about this post or maybe even with another bit of advise that I may have missed.



The Arena


Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed the comic/quote because… THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT!!!  I couldn’t have said it better! this comic captures the importance of living and learning, but also of realizing that you were brave in act you just attempted. It is also about daring to make a change in our life, trying new things, or whatever it may be and simply going out and not letting fear failure control you life.

Finally I would like to apologize for how small the pic is because believe me that was not the ideal size I wanted it to be, but this was as big as I could make it.  I posted it anyway because I simply felt compelled to share this quote/comic as soon as possible. Please forgive me and I hope to have this fixed when I get word press down better.

leave your comments below and let me know what you think!