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Living Through New Experiences

Engaging in something new is a challenge and you may be afraid no matter what it may be… for some it’s going skydiving and for others may be something that seems simple to most such as wearing a skirt instead of jeans. We all have different levels of comfort and we only know how far we can push ourselves outside of our comfort zone, but I am sure many of you know that it is actually good to push ourselves out of our comfort zone as much as possible because YOU GROW!

Starting something new is a challenge due to the reasons I mentioned above, but I thought I would also mention these:

– They may be foreign ideas to you

– hard to fit into schedule

– hard to adapt to

– meet new people

– hard to grasp new concepts

– It easier in theory then in practice

– sticking to it/following through

Even though it is a challenge to start something new whether it be a new job or class it is worth it! So please do not allow fear to hold you back from living through new experiences because you will not regret it! If you do hold yourself back as a consequence of fear you will hinder your personal development. Remember you cannot learn without living which means going out and scraping your knees sometimes, falling on your face other times, and in other cases it means finding the very thing that you were meant to do for the rest of your life!!!!

I hope this has been helpful and please leave comments about what you thought about this post or maybe even with another bit of advise that I may have missed.



Im Back

Hey Everyone!

My deepest apologies for missing in action for such a long time, but… life happens. Doesn’t it? any whooo I will be on top of my game from now on and I hope to continue to connect with you all and share what I have to say and hopefully it help you reflect on life or maybe teach you something new 🙂


Life is a beautiful thing!

Life is complex

has good and bad times

more bad then good

sometimes we might hate those hard times

blood, sweat, and tears damn it!

but at the end of the day those hard times are good for us and we need to embrace them because they make us stronger and wiser.

For those of you who are conscious of this already I invite you to share it with those around you. There are many people who don’t know that in order to succeed we must go through a series of trials and errors throughout life. I will be sharing quotes with you all for the next few days pertaining to this subject. I hope it helped anyone out there who may be struggling. Oh and don’t forget to leave a comment about your thoughts about this topic I’d love to hear from you!


First Post EVER!!!

I am excited to start blogging and sharing information that I have learned throughout the years, but I am also excited to hear from all of you. My goal is to inspire you to live a happier, healthier life, and to also learn (if you don’t this already) to appreciate the small things in life which are often overlooked. If this is what you are into then look out for more posts as I will keep them coming. Finally I invited you all to let me know what topics are interest to you and I will try to steer the topics in that direction. Oh and before I forget feel free to leave comments positive or negative, but just don’t be to harm…because it might hurt my feeling lol.